About The Geriatric Legions

Not much is known about the geriatric legions origins. Some say local geriatric leaders had been planning for years, but had lacked the organisation to rise up until the advent of social media

With the power the social media sites such as twitter and facebook gave them at their finger tips they started spreading the word. It spread like wildfire until the words were on the world weary lips of every pensioner out there… “The geriatric legion is marching!”

This site is not the last line in defence against the legions, but it is designed to bring the awareness to the forefront before it is too late, before the geriatric legion marches on your town with zimmer frames glistening, and the battle cry of “The geriatric legion is marching!” echoing around.

This site will tell you all about the legions, and where they have been spotted rampaging around the UK!