pensioners from the legion

Geriatric Legionnaire With Gun

geriatric legionnaire with a gun

A geriatric legionnaire with a hand gun

This photo of a geriatric legionnaire with a hand gun was sighted up close and personal just outside Cambridge. She threatened to ‘pop a cap in our ass’ if we didn’t move along!

We didn’t get a name… we didn’t want to stick around to find out if she would shoot!

Massive Sword Wielding Geriatric Legionnaire

geriatric legionnaire with sword

A geriatric legionnaire with a sword

This pensioner has been signed up close and personal. The photographer only just survived this encounter with the massive sword wielding geriatric legionnaire Betty!

Betty has the strength of 3 men, and the reflexes of an expresso drinking cat.

Betty is one of the toughest geriatric legionnaires, and rumour has it she single handedly wiped out an entire town in 24mins.

Be wary, stay safe, keep away from Betty if she hasn’t had her morning cup of tea!