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Geriatric Legion destroys Gloucester!

Geriatric Legions turns Gloucester into rubble!

Geriatric Legions turns Gloucester into rubble!

Sad news people. The residents of Gloucester put up a fight and annoyed the geriatric legion. The geriatric legion showed them no mercy and reduced the city to rubble.

Geriatric Legions Marching on Gloucester

geriatric legion marching on Gloucester

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Gloucester

It’s been a while since the last sighting, but apparently one has now been sighted near Gloucester. Not as big as some of the previous geriatric legions, but none the less a worry!

Geriatric Legions Marching on Dunstable

geriatric legion marching on Dunstable

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Dunstable

Not much is known about how big this geriatric legion is or what their intentions are. Unfortunately our reporter was cut off mid call. Our thoughts go out to you.. hope you made it.

Geriatric Legion History Video

Geriatric Legion History on Youtube

Watch and learn about the geriatric legions history…

Geriatric Legions Marching on Cambridge

geriatric legion marching on cambridge

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Cambridge

After rampaging around Churchill College Cambridge, an onlooker has noted they are currently punting down the River Cam before stopping for a cream tea.

All we can do is pray they have enough scones, cream and jam to satisfy the geriatric legion!

Geriatric Legions Marching on Cardiff

geriatric legion marching

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Cardiff

Brandishing knitting needles this lot look up for a skirmish. They have smashed up a few youth centres so far, and have chased the youths away.

If you are in the area, I’d get out the way of the geriatric legion as soon as you can!!

Massive Sword Wielding Geriatric Legionnaire

geriatric legionnaire with sword

A geriatric legionnaire with a sword

This pensioner has been signed up close and personal. The photographer only just survived this encounter with the massive sword wielding geriatric legionnaire Betty!

Betty has the strength of 3 men, and the reflexes of an expresso drinking cat.

Betty is one of the toughest geriatric legionnaires, and rumour has it she single handedly wiped out an entire town in 24mins.

Be wary, stay safe, keep away from Betty if she hasn’t had her morning cup of tea!