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Geriatric Legionnaire With Gun

geriatric legionnaire with a gun

A geriatric legionnaire with a hand gun

This photo of a geriatric legionnaire with a hand gun was sighted up close and personal just outside Cambridge. She threatened to ‘pop a cap in our ass’ if we didn’t move along!

We didn’t get a name… we didn’t want to stick around to find out if she would shoot!

Geriatric Legions Marching on Cardiff

geriatric legion marching

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Cardiff

Brandishing knitting needles this lot look up for a skirmish. They have smashed up a few youth centres so far, and have chased the youths away.

If you are in the area, I’d get out the way of the geriatric legion as soon as you can!!

Legionnaire Limericks – 18th Sept

“The was a geriatric legionaire of the isles

Who suffered severely from piles

He couldn’t sit down

Without a deep frown

So he had to row standing for miles”


“I know a geriatric legionnaire called Lou,

Who would site on the road eating stew.

I don’t know if I’ll stay,

I’ll be home for the play,

then we’ll eat two raccoons at the zoo!”

Geriatric Legions Marching on Sunderland

geriatric legion marching

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Sunderland

News flash. A geriatric legions was sighted marching towards Sunderland earlier today. Apparently they have some mercenary Geordie football fans with them, wearing black and white striped tops and sipping on the brown stuff. A passer-by overheard some of the mercenaries say “Lerruz flush them Mackem’s doon the nettie”, which I have been reliably informed translates from Geordie to English as “Let’s flush those splendid chaps from Sunderland down the Lavatory”.


Introduction to the Geriatric Legions

Ok this is the first post on the geriatric legions website. For more information  about the geriatric legions visit our ‘about us page’ in the top menu.


Regular updates on the geriatric legions will appear here, including legion members up close and personal, and where the legions have been sighted.


Watch this space, and stay safe…