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Geriatric Legions Marching on Dunstable

geriatric legion marching on Dunstable

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Dunstable

Not much is known about how big this geriatric legion is or what their intentions are. Unfortunately our reporter was cut off mid call. Our thoughts go out to you.. hope you made it.

Geriatric Legions Marching on Cambridge

geriatric legion marching on cambridge

A geriatric legion has been sighted marching near Cambridge

After rampaging around Churchill College Cambridge, an onlooker has noted they are currently punting down the River Cam before stopping for a cream tea.

All we can do is pray they have enough scones, cream and jam to satisfy the geriatric legion!

Legionnaire Limericks – 18th Sept

“The was a geriatric legionaire of the isles

Who suffered severely from piles

He couldn’t sit down

Without a deep frown

So he had to row standing for miles”


“I know a geriatric legionnaire called Lou,

Who would site on the road eating stew.

I don’t know if I’ll stay,

I’ll be home for the play,

then we’ll eat two raccoons at the zoo!”